Blankpage shown when i runmy webpage

when I run my page it displays a blank page . what could be the problem am new to cakephp .
site: CakePHP: the rapid development php framework: Index

A blank page generally always means you have an error in your code. Turn on debugging and/or check your logs.

thx Zuluru
I have enabled debug but still the webpage is blank

What’s your familiarity with PHP and web development in general? Can you run a basic “hello world” PHP script on your site? Can you see in your server logs or browser console what response code is being generated? There’s a TON of things that could cause this problem, many of them are well outside the scope of CakePHP.

the link to your page is wrong.
if you use

the default page gets displayed.

maybe there is something wrong with your routing to the page you linked before?

btw: it is not recommend to develop a website on a live-server.