AWS SES anyone used I have Question

I did all setup the aws ses and also works sendEmial() function but i tried another function
createTemplate but not work as their doc. example but i got an error

Operation not found: CreateTemplate

what is the wrong any missing

I have used an sample code as per above link

Did you use CreateTemplate, or createTemplate?

createTemplate As per doc I used this call.

Just seems weird that the error message has a capital C there.

but the Parameter Syntax shows the small C. and the sample code also small that why i used.
by the way i copied sample code run replace with my credential not work.


Templated emails seams to be great option but you can’t have attachments while using them ( and max allowed attachment size in SES is 10mb).

In the past I found few bugs in templated emails related to template parser - AWS was returning correct message id while email wasn’t actually sent at all (this was caused by having dot separated email variables), AWS responded pretty quickly and fixed that.

Besides templated emails are not so flexible when it comes to customisation of template - maybe its better to use cake views like cake’s mailer does ? No harm to start with cake mailer and migrate to SES Templates once you will b sure what you are doing.

AWS has a great documentation, but some small parts of it are just outdated or are referring to legacy sdks.

Function you are looking for was renamed to CreateEmailTemplate

One thing that you have keep in your mind from the very beginning of your work with SES are metrics used by SES:

  • max send rate per second
  • daily quota
  • bounces
  • complaints

They are set per account, and may be increased by AWS automatically while you use SES, or you can just ask support to increase them for you (if you are long enough with AWS or you have a good reason for it).

You can find above metric after going to console → SES and then “Sending Statistics” and “Reputation Dashboard”

Depending how much emails you want to send it may be worth to consider sending them in batch mode and throttling sending ?

If you will be exceeding any quotas or limit frequently AWS will lock your SES account.

Thanks for reply, I have implement with another method where i can put the attachment and my custom template. sendRawEmail method :blush: