Autocomplete with ajax


I would like to create a search-form so that after 2 or 3 typed characters the application starts making suggestions.
Should I use “jQuery UI Autocomplete” ([])
or rather “AJAX for CakePHP” ([])?
Or is there another possibility?
Please tell me what to prefer and why.

Thank you for your help.

I work with CakePHP 3.7.

well, I have implement in jQuery ajax in search as key change in search box. If you want any plugin you can use it. ready-made plugin are also useful less implementation just install used it.


First create a function in the controller that search and return the results as json, request this function in the select2 ajax url

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Thank you very much for giving help.
It looks like “AJAX for CakePHP” ist not the preferred solution.

“Ajax for CakePHP” does not directly provide autocomplete. It’s very useful, for what it does, but that’s not part of it.