Audit-stash: No data in field "original" of table "audit_logs" when deleting

I am using the plugin audit-stash of lorenzo, see But i have a problem when
deleting something from database because
the field “original” in table “audit_logs” does not contain any record
when deleting an entity from webapp. Also it seems that there is no
method getOriginal() when deleting.
What is to be done in order to get values in the field “original” when

Does your database have a column called original? If not, what are you expecting it to have when you’re deleting? The getOriginal() functionality is related to finding what a value was in an entity before you patched it, which doesn’t apply at all here.

Yes, my database has a column original. If the method getOriginal() does not apply here at all is there a way to tweak audit-stash so that it saves/logs not only the primary key from deleted rows but also the values from all other columns?

Update your plugin to version 2.1.0