Anjular 4 integration with CakePhp 3

I’ve been using cake for a while and, on a new project, I’d like to use Angular 4 to manage my front-end.
I’m new to Angular and I can’t figure out how to merge Cake and Angular to make if work.

I guess I should use Cake’s layout and load < my-app > into it. But how to load Angular and the app’s content?

I’m stuck and some help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Leica69

You have to load Angular in the templates.

About the data, you can use Crud with crud-json-api

Thaks raul338,
The point is that i don’t know how to load Angular in the template.
I don’t see a .js I could call to launch Angular.

Hey there, I don’t have the answer, but I recently saw this talk

Also there is this:

Good luck:)

Tha’ts for v1 of angular…

The app is started in the same way if I’m not mistaking?
So regardless of version, you should be able to follow the same structure to integrate:)
Alternatively, you can keep them separate and run them on different servers.
That has worked very well for me:) That will force you to create proper API’s, and so should you want to add another front-end later (say mobile) you can do that np. For managing your API I can recommend Swagger.

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It is not started the same way…

You have to link JS files in the templates, it is in the cookbook

You can link Angular files and your other js files

This maybe just old but if you are trying to do angular 2+ you really should start the angular app as you normally do (as a separate repo) and have it make http requests to what happens to be cakePHP.