Ajax Pagination Example PLS

Hi All… I am new to cake 3. I know the language and do understand routing through router in “Convention over Configuration” mechanism. I followed the bookmarks and blog tutorials.

I have gotten “cake bake” to setup CRUDs to my tables. It looks good. BUT, I am building a HEAVILY AJAX based application and cake 3 samples are not adequate for this purpose. Can someone in cakephp 3 EXPERT level create a sample application? The example should contain the following,

  1. AJAX normal request/response cycle in AJAX and key settings that needs to be set in helpers in cake 3 explained.
  2. How to paginate a data set in a table using AJAX.

If cake 3 is to remain good, you gotto give this to us.


Hey somebody already did.
Googled “Restfull application with CakePHP”, it’s the 3.rd option:)
Also if you wanna get help in the future, please moderate your tone. As it stands you’re not owed anything.

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I am sorry if I offended you. Didn’t mean to be rude. I was just saying that the ajax example gotto be there.

Thank You Very Much for you help. I am looking through link you sent.