afterSave event not fired on joinTable

I am using CakePHP 3.6.15 with lifecycle callbacks.

I have Model A and Model B with belongsToMany association using the Model C as joinTable.

When I do a save on model A which modifies content of model C (add data, for example) the afterSave event of model C is never fired. But if I add data directly on model C and then call save on the model, the afterSave event is fired.

Is this the normal behavior? I think yes. So, how can I fire afterSave event on model C when the data of this model is modified, even if the change is done by saving on another model?

Possibly this is a case for belongsToMany through?

Just an untested guess

Yes! I have this option configured but still not works

How about using afterSaveCommit()

This could get you the entire saved package instead of the individual entities. Then you could do the steps you need