Acl command prompt migration (bin/cake migrations migrate -p Acl) gives me an error in cakephp 4.4

I am trying to migrate the acl tables in windows 10 command prompt (I have wampserver installed in my notebook) but gives me general error 1709 index column size too large, how can I solve this issue?
I attach screenshot with the error:

Make sure you are using a collation based on something like utf8mb4. The important part is the mb4.

See e.g. indexing - How to fix MySql: index column size too large (Laravel migrate) - Stack Overflow which is the same issue just with laravel.

So its not cakephp/acl’s issue, its what kind of database (or more specifically the settings for your database) you are using.

hello @KevinPfeifer I read this article but it did’t help me, actually i am just starting with fresh cakephp 4.4.15 latest version and there is not article about how to define permissions for specific users. I am using Authentication and Authorized plugin for validate user login but I cannot find how to does set permissions for different users. please helping @KevinPfeifer if you can

Hello Sir @mdeanquin can you explain how does you implement this kind of code. i am using cakephp 4.4.15 latest version and need to define user permission from admin side where admin assign role permissions please help me if you already done all this stuff @mdeanquin

Hello @lish I saw a tutorial in this page: there is explained step by step how to implement it

Hi @mdeanquin I followed this tutorial and setup all as they mention in tutorial but I cannot get anything different, if you have time can we talk on zoom meeting for explain how does it work for my current project! we can exchange more information about Acl and cakephpDC/Auth plugin and already done this with cakephpDC/auth plugin role base permissions but it does not dynamic permissions and not from database side. so please if you meet me on zoom and teach me how do you configure ACL for your code and how can i set in my code @mdeanquin

yes! i did it but not getting any help @mdeanquin can you me your little code for demo

Helllo @shaan007 and @mdeanquin Guys please let join you on zoom meeting if you really get meeting. its literally very helpful if arrange remote meeting, i am totally frustrating from this logic… no any official support for like this task handle. I hundreds of time search on google and youtube there is not tutorial about role based permissions but got some laravel tutorial there which laravel provide packages and some more built-in coding stuff, whaa i do not know who help me?