3.10.x: Clear Cache for specific config doesn´t work

Hi together,
im would like to clear cache for a specific cache config.
Therefore i have this setup:

config setup local environment

'products-queries' => [
  'className' => FileEngine::class,
  'duration' => '+1 day',
  'probability' => 100,
  'path' => CACHE . 'queries' . DS . 'products' . DS,

config setup production environment

'products-queries' => [
  'className' => ApcuEngine::class,
  'duration' => '+1 day',
  'probability' => 100,
  'path' => CACHE . 'queries' . DS . 'products' . DS,

the cache is created at this point at ProductsController

public function index()
    // some code
    $query = $this->Products->makeProductsIndexQuery($productsConditions, $this->getRequest()->getQueryParams());
    $products = $query->cache('products-' . $this->productConditionsHash, 'products-queries');
    try {
        $this->set('products', $this->paginate($products, [
            'sortWhitelist' => [
    } catch (\Cake\Network\Exception\NotFoundException $e) {

within an edit function at admin i fire the cache command

Cache::clear(true, 'products-queries');

but the cache is not deleted

using this


all caches are cleared, but this is what i want to avoid

what i’m missing here?

Check the API docs for the $check argument of \Cake\Cache\Engine\ApcuEngine::clear(), if true, it’s a no-op:

bool $check – If true, nothing will be cleared, as entries are removed from APC as they expired. This flag is really only used by FileEngine.

If you want to clear that cache, then you need to pass false.