RabbitMQ / AMQP - MQTT

Hi there,

I tried since few days to implement the protocol AMQP (with RabbitMQ as broker messaging) into cake 3 but I don’t get success.

I can easily send and receive simple data, but I’m wondering how to deal with email or log files. I read a bunch of howTo, but I didn’t find a good example.

Do you already implemented this into your cake project ? And then do you think it’s a good way to reduce the charge of the traffic, like processing email and logging information in background ?

Also, do you think it’s better to use AMQP or MQTT, because I read that MQTT is better for mobile…

Thank you!

I don’t know which one is better for your project AMQP or MQTT. But, I think you can create a cron-job using shell commands. You can schedule for this cron-job and it will track your email processing tables and will publish a message to AMQP.

Thanks for your reply :wink:
According to my search, MQTT is more based for mobile-apps. Indeed, I was thinking to use a shell script and storing all emails in database. I don’t know if it’s good approach…

Yes, it’s a good approach, It will also help you to identify your email processing working fine or not. Because you can set flag into the database after successful email processing or you can retry with fail email processing.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thanks, yes indeed for the email processing, it’s a good point :wink: The only thing, it is gonna be lot of emails to store, I should make another shell script to clean it up when it’s sent.

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