Minimum PHP version problem


Hi, I am a novice trying to install CakePHP.
When I try to start the development server by bin/cake server
I get a minimum PHP version error (default is 5.3.21)

If I start it with
/usr/local/php5.6/bin/php bin/cake server

to run this command via SSH with PHP5.6

i get only

Cake is a shell sctipt …

and server does not start.

Could you help please?


I thiink you should add /usr/local/php5.6/bin/php to the $PATH

// in the cakePHP directory
export PATH=/usr/local/php5.6/bin:$PATH
bin/cake server

What distro are you using?


Thank you ! This helped immediately.


I ran into another issue right after that and I am not sure whether it is related or not:

Warning Error: transliterator_transliterate(): Could not create transliterator with ID “Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII; [\u008
0-\u7fff] remove” (transliterator_create: unable to open ICU transliterator with id “Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII; [\u0080-\
u7fff] remove”: U_INVALID_ID) in [/home/www/, line 1070]

I read that one needs to install/upgrade ICU library, but my provider is reluctant to do that. Is there any other way?

Transliterator_transliterate [solved]

If you can’t install, you can’t use the i18n functions and date translation (don’t use the __ functions, i think thats all), or use another localization package