Minimum PHP version problem

Hi, I am a novice trying to install CakePHP.
When I try to start the development server by bin/cake server
I get a minimum PHP version error (default is 5.3.21)

If I start it with
/usr/local/php5.6/bin/php bin/cake server

to run this command via SSH with PHP5.6

i get only

Cake is a shell sctipt …

and server does not start.

Could you help please?

I thiink you should add /usr/local/php5.6/bin/php to the $PATH

// in the cakePHP directory
export PATH=/usr/local/php5.6/bin:$PATH
bin/cake server

What distro are you using?

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Thank you ! This helped immediately.

I ran into another issue right after that and I am not sure whether it is related or not:

Warning Error: transliterator_transliterate(): Could not create transliterator with ID “Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII; [\u008
0-\u7fff] remove” (transliterator_create: unable to open ICU transliterator with id “Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII; [\u0080-\
u7fff] remove”: U_INVALID_ID) in [/home/www/, line 1070]

I read that one needs to install/upgrade ICU library, but my provider is reluctant to do that. Is there any other way?

If you can’t install, you can’t use the i18n functions and date translation (don’t use the __ functions, i think thats all), or use another localization package

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