Is there a file upload plugin for cakephp4


is there a version for file upload for CakePHP4? same as the below

[](http://friends of cake)

Well…I have made a file upload plugin for CakePHP3 that should (in theory) work with CakePHP4 as well since it doesn’t use anything that I am aware of got broken in CakePHP4 (can’t guarantee it to work though!).

I have yet to document it as well (sorry, kinda forgot about that), but feel free to open any MRs on the repo to document it :slight_smile:

On the client side, it uses resumable.js, which provides a nice documentation for the client-side things.
On the server side, you’re on your own right now (again, didn’t document it).
Though it is used by my CMS (open-source) so you might be able to look at the code to see how it works:

Again, sorry that I haven’t documented this yet :\

Proffer just got some patches for Cake 4. Not labeled stable, but works for me.

Hi @FinlayDaG33k

Thanks for the share sorry in the delay in replying up to my neck in other things, I will look in to this later in the week.



Aye :slight_smile:
If there are any issues, feel free to open an issue on the repo so I can have a look at it.