Date internationalization ( italian case )

I am going to try to internationalize dates in my project.
I followed cookbook help:

  • INTL is properly installed

  • I have setup correct locale in bootstrap.php

    ini_set(‘intl.default_locale’, ‘it_IT’);

  • set locale in app.php

    ‘defaultLocale’ => env(‘APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE’, ‘it_IT’),

Thre is no way to display dates ( month and day names ) in italian language.
is there something missing ?

thank you


I had something similar
I resolved with Localizing Dates and Numbers or with Setting the Default Locale and Format String

I don’t know why is not the default

I had an issue internationalizing my application and it appears the issue for me was using pt_PT or en_US although CakePHP should support that locale format. My setup was not only dates, but string and database content. So once I resorted to using pt or en, then all issues went away. You can try using it only and see if that helps.

Also, you try forcing it somewhere, like your bootstrap.php file like so

use Cake\I18n\I18n;


Thank you all for your reply .
I had no luck: I have tried every solutions but month names and day names are still in English.


Are you using the po files from localized ?

Hi raul338
No I am trying only to display dates on locale format : I have a timestamp in my array and need to display lik. $post->created->format() with Italian localized month and day name. Actually , although settings , they are all displayed in English .

But you shuold i18nformat instead of format

see this other thread