Creating a forum on CakePHP 3.0


I’m building a website for an app I’m creating, and I’d like the website to have a forum for beta testers to highlight bugs, discuss issues, and offer suggestions. Ideally it would be good to allow the user to download the (Android) app, register (via Facebook/Google+/their own email), and then that would automatically give them access to the forum area of the website. I think the forum will only be available to testers, so other website visitors wouldn’t see it.

So, step 1, I’m looking for a good, up-to-date forum plugin. The ones I’ve found so far seem to be several years old, so most would pre-date Cake 3.0.

And if anyone could give me any advice on whether this is a sensible approach to take, that would also be welcome - if not, is there a better way to do things?



Building a good forum software is time consuming, and I don’t know of any cakephp implementations of a forum. But if all you require is a very simple message board, I’m sure that can be done easily with the help of plugins like Crud or just by using “bake”.

How complex does this forum need to be?


Thanks for your reply. It’s not going to be a complex forum at all. I have written similar ones in the past, just wondered whether there was a plugin that would be ready-made! I used to use MilesJ’s one, but I see it’s deprecated.


I am actually in the process of needing a forum myself. I looked into the same one as being used here.

@lorenzo did you setup this forum?